White Students Accused Of Dragging Black Classmate By A Rope Around Her Neck (VIDEO)

The parents of a 6th grade student at Live Oak Classical School, located in Waco, Texas, are outraged over school officials’ failure to take action against a group of alleged white student bullies.

The 12-year-old victim, who is referred to in media reports as KP, says that a group of three white boys have repeatedly injured and accosted her at the school, where she is one of only a handful of Black students.

According to Vibe the boys have approached KP in the hallway, shoving her and kicking her. Her parents sent an email to the school in November, asking officials to address the situation.

School officials responded by saying that they spoke with the boys and had determined that the kicking incident was meant as “a joke.”

In April, students of the school were taken on a field trip to a nearby ranch. According to the girl, she was standing next to a rope swing when the same group of white boys grabbed the rope, wrapped it around her neck and then threw her violently to the ground.

Images of the girl’s neck show rope burns that are consistent with her story.

This time school officials claim that KP’s injuries were the result of an “accident,” not intentional racist bullying.

If that’s not enough, they are now insinuating that the 12-year-old and her family are trying to milk the school for money.

After school officials refused to address the behavior of the student bullies, KP’s parents contacted an attorney. The attorney then contacted the school. School officials provided the media with a copy of an email stating that the family would be willing to settle for $2.7 million.

After repeated attempts to get the school to deal with the students responsible for their daughter’s injuries, the girl’s parents decided to hit them where it hurts. Good for them.

As Vibe reports here, KP’s parents decided to send their daughter to the expensive private school in Waco, Texas, so she could receive “a better education,” in what they assumed would be a “wholesome learning environment.” According to its website, the school claims to have a “Christian worldview.”

Live Oak Classical School has a student body that is 87 percent white and just two percent Black. It’s located in Waco, Texas, an area of the country that has a long and ugly history of racism.

The willingness of school officials to downplay and dismiss allegations of racist bullying speaks for itself. A Black student had a rope wrapped around her throat. Something like that doesn’t ‘accidentally’ happen in a place like Waco, Texas.

Here’s more on the story from KWES.

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