AL Cop Goes Ballistic On Fellow Officer Over Records Dispute (VIDEO)

A Birmingham, Alabama police officer was arrested this week, after he allegedly pepper sprayed a fellow officer and threatened to put him in a body bag.

According to WTVM, officer Shaun Deane became enraged last July, after an officer in another precinct had trouble locating records that he wanted to pick up.

During an interview with WBRC, the unidentified victim described what happened next:

“This officer opens up his cannister, his holster for mace and pulls his mace out and puts it in my face. I look at him and I made a statement to him. Told him he’s not gonna do anything and before I could even get my statement out he had already applied the spray to my face.”

The officer who was pepper sprayed by Deane went on to say that he was “blown away” by what happened. “I couldn’t even wrap my mind around what was really happening,” he said. “I could possibly be able to process the situation if it would have been a citizen, but this was a fellow officer. It took me to a place in my mind that I couldn’t even process at that time.”

The incident has been the subject of an internal police investigation for the past year.

On July 15, WBRC reported that Deane was arrested and charged with use of a noxious substance.

According to Sgt. Bryan Shelton, Deane “has been taken out of service” while the case makes its way through the courts.

Shelton didn’t comment on whether Deane will be allowed to remain on the police force once the court proceedings are over.

Deane has been on the police force for the past eight years. While there’s no information at this time regarding past excessive force complaints, it’s a good bet that any officer who pepper sprays another cop in the face should not be sent out on the streets with a badge and a gun.

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Featured image via video screen capture via WTVM