‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots Shop Owner During Concealed Carry Class – ‘Accidentally,’ Of Course (VIDEO)

Repeat after me: There are no gun “accidents.” There. Are. No. Gun. Accidents. People all too often die unintentionally — like when “responsible” gun owners leave their weapons lying around and children find them — and while these situations are often called accidents, the true issue is negligence. Simply put, nothing would have happened in many, if not most “accidental” shootings if the gun wasn’t present in the first place — or, at minimum, if the owners of the weapons actually cared about gun safety.

The NRA regularly promotes the lie that all people who own firearms are “responsible” — “good guys with guns” who stand ready to leap into action at the first sign of danger (if they manage to help out without shooting the victim of a crime in the head, that is).

Once again, one of the Saviors of Mankind “accidentally” discharged a firearm and took another human’s life. On Saturday, a gun store owner in Amelia, Ohio was murdered (yes, murdered) when someone taking a concealed weapons class was negligent with his gun. An unnamed participant (whose identity, as is normal, is being protected) in a class at the KayJay Gun Shop — someone who already owned a gun and wanted to carry it around with him everywhere he or she goes was practicing weapon malfunction drills with a handgun that was, for some reason, loaded during a training exercise. The weapon fired and struck shop owner James Baker in the neck.

Friends describe Baker, whose shop repairs and engraves firearms, has authorization to manufacture weapons, and is licensed to sell military-grade guns like the one that was used to slaughter fifty people in Orlando, Florida, as a “special” person who was “loved by the whole community.”

As always, the media and police are treating this as though it was an actual accident, like tripping while walking down the sidewalk. The reality is that this was no accident, and it is time that we stop treating it as such. This was murder. Sure, the person did not intend for it to happen — just like if someone is negligent while driving a car and runs someone over. In the latter case, at least the killer would be charged with a crime — something that rarely happens in “accidental” shootings.

The investigation is still ongoing, but we can expect two things to happen: no charges will be filed (after all, it is already being called an “accident”), and Second Amendment advocates will flock to excuse this “accident” before forgetting about it entirely.

Perhaps it’s time that we end the madness. Maybe, just maybe, we need to reconsider if the Second Amendment should exist in the first place.

Watch a report on this latest “accident” below:

Featured image via screengrab