NH Car Dealer Gives Away Free AR-15s With Car Purchases – Gun Nuts Sickeningly Rejoice

Mike Hagan has a used car dealership and repair shop in Rochester, New Hampshire and is running a very odd–and frankly irresponsible–promotion. He’s offering a free AR-15 to people who come buy a car from him, because ‘Murika.

Hagan is a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan. He knows what these kinds of guns can do, and yet, according to WFTV 9, he’s not worried about whether any of these guns might be used to murder people later on. Thus far, he’s given away four of the weapons, along with a 9mm Beretta, which is an alternative for people who don’t want an AR-15, and he thinks his promotion is a wild success.

This kind of promotion is bad enough, and to refuse to end it following a horrific tragedy like Orlando is just plain insensitive and cruel. The gun nuts apparently don’t see it that way, though. They’ve taken to Facebook to celebrate Hagan’s promotion, lest the “evil libruls” finally come to confiscate everyone’s guns.

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There has been some backlash, though, not just on social media, but also from a couple of people that NH1 TV spoke to. At least there are least still some sane people out there:

“To me that’s just getting more of the nut jobs out there doing harm to more people that don’t deserve it.”

“My opinion, military and police are the only ones that should have them.”

Hagan has partnered with a local gun dealer to run his promotion, and customers have to go there to go through a background check and get the weapons. Apparently, that makes it all okay because it means he knows he can’t give them out like they’re candy.

Besides that, he believes that the people who take advantage of this promotion will be fully responsible, because everyone knows that all the people who obtain their guns legally are very responsible gun owners – oh wait. Omar Mateen, and so many other mass shooters, bought their guns legally, not to mention all the idiots who have no clue what gun safety is, and end up accidentally shooting someone to death.

Hagan claims he won’t extend the offer to someone from whom he gets a bad feeling. So, what, he’s telepathic and knows who has bad intentions? Horse hockey. This is still sick, it’s still irresponsible, and it’s still cruel and insensitive. It also demonstrates just how sick as a society we’ve become where this kind of thing is seen as something to celebrate by so many.

Featured image via screen capture from NH1-TV report