Saudi Prince Reminds Donald Trump: I Bailed You Out – Twice

While Donald Trump continues to paint himself as the anti-Saudi, anti-terrorist candidate, the truth is coming to light that he may in fact be financially beholden to the Saudi Royal Family.

After Trump retweeted a photo-shopped image of Megyn Kelly, a Saudi woman (supposedly a member of the royal family) Prince Alwaleed bin Talal together, in which the image describes bin Talal as a “co-owner” of Fox News, the Prince had a few words to share:

Indeed, Prince Alwaleed (who only has a one percent stake in Fox News — hardly a co-owner) included news snippets in his tweets. One news story was the fact he had to buy Trump’s yacht, which had recently been turned over to creditors when it fell a staggering $900 million in debt.

Alwaleed also included the story of how he bought Trump Plaza Hotel in New York after promising to erase the mogul’s debt. Calling it a “defeat for the real estate developer,” The New York Times reports that the outstanding debt accumulated form the hotel around $300 million, yet the Prince was able to buy it down to roughly $25 million.

There are two questions everyone should be asking. One, how did Trump run up $900 million in debt over a yacht, and how did he acquire $300 million of debt from a world famous hotel? Second, how can anymore expect Trump to be “tough” on the Saudis and the Royal Family when he owes them millions of dollars?

Can you imagine the outrage from Republicans if President Obama had over a billion dollars worth of debt paybacks to the Saudi Royal Family? Republicans though, always the hypocrites, are choosing to turn a blind eye to the issue, instead the continue to believe everything the blowhard says.

Another conflict of interest, out of dozens now pending against the presidential nominee, arises again. Once more, the Republican candidate shows how inept he is at his own financials. And he again shows that he gets his information completely from the media.

Alwaleed, a Trump-Kasich supporter, has had a few Twitter spats with the Saudi Prince, after the billionaire (and heavily indebted) called for a ban on Muslims in the United States, and Trump responded by calling him “dopey” and told him that his “daddy’s money” couldn’t persuade him — how ironic.

Featured image via Olli Scarff/Getty Images