Donald Trump Wants To Jail All Americans Who Refuse To Spy On Neighbors

According to Donald Trump and far too many on the right, the biggest problem in this country is political correctness, and if it weren’t for the damn refusal of everyone to narc on their neighbors, we’d have no problems whatsoever.

“In San Bernardino, people knew what was going on, they knew exactly, but they used the excuse of racial profiling for not reporting it,” Trump said during a speech in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting.

It wasn’t people, exactly, it was one neighbor, who noticed only that the family received quite a few packages and that they were doing work out of their garage. Of course, that describes every socially awkward Amazon junkie neighbor I have, or nearly everyone in the 21st Century, but hey, the woman should have reported that to the police, right? According to Trump, that should have been her legal duty.

A man who claimed to be friends with this neighbor said she did not report the packages and the behavior to authorities because she “didn’t want to do any kind of racial profiling.”

In Trump’s America, however, that woman would face serious consequences. “We need to make sure every single person involved in this plan, including anyone who knew something, but didn’t tell us, is brought to justice,” Trump said in New Hampshire. “These people need to have consequences, big consequences.”

Source: Huffington Post

Think about that for a moment. This is coming from the same party that thinks we shouldn’t have hate crime laws because gunning down over 100 LGBT people is just a “thought crime.” Trump, who also wants to ban all Muslims and deport anyone with dark skin, wants anyone who hates their neighbors and all their damn UPS packages to call the cops, or perhaps go to jail. Maybe we can call that the “Minority Report” law, which would serve two purposes. We can turn in neighbors for crimes we imagine might happen, and bonus points if the neighbor we report belongs to a minority.

There is actually a law on the book that would deal with neighbors who are aware of a crime happening or about to happen — it’s called aiding and abetting. It would take a big stretch of the right-wing of the law, though, to call knowledge of package delivery and tinkering in one’s garage, as helping commit a crime. Trump, though, appears to have no issues with throwing down the gauntlet of the law over virtually every offense. If you’ve ever needed proof he’s running for Dictator in Chief, this should be it.

Truthfully, Trump’s entire reaction to the horrific shooting in Orlando, in which 49 people were slaughtered and 52 people injured, shows how unqualified Trump is for president. First, he congratulated himself, then, he reaffirmed his ban on Muslims, then, he blamed the President. Now, he’s blaming neighbors. He’ll blame everyone but the hatred that he’s directly fueling.

Featured image via Gerardo Mora at Getty Images