Second Anti-Gay Massacre Stopped By Police In L.A. (VIDEO)

Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks┬áconfirmed that a man arrested on his way to gay pride event in Los Angeles, CA ‘intended to do harm,’ to those in attendance.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the man has been identified as Indiana resident James Howell. Howell was in possession of “a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosive-making materials,” when he was stopped by police on the morning of June 12.

At this time police say they have not found a connection between Howell and Omar Mateen, the Florida man who killed 53 people and injured more than 50 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday morning.

According to police, they first encountered Howell after receiving a call about a suspected prowler in a Santa Monica neighborhood. The Los Angeles Times reports that Howell was knocking on doors, loitering in the area, and exhibiting behavior that caused local residents to feel uneasy.

After inspecting Howell’s car, police discovered the weapons stash, which included three rifles, one of them an assault rifle and ‘a lot of ammunition.’ Howell was also in possession of a five-gallon bucket containing the explosive Tannerite. Tannerite is commonly used for making pipe bombs.

Howell initially told police he was waiting for a friend. Later he stated that he was going to the gay-pride event in Los Angeles to find a friend. The Los Angeles Times reports that authorities are still looking for that person. Police have not said that they believe the individual is a threat.

While police say that they ramped up security for the Los Angeles gay-pride event, they also said that they did not believe there was a reason to cancel.

Following the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando, many people felt an even greater need to participate in the Los Angeles rally.

“I feel like it’s all the more reason to come out,” one participant told the Los Angeles Times. He went to say┬áthat the violence is “trying to push us back. This is showing we’re still here, we’re still going to take a stand.”

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