Insane David Duke Rant: Trump’s Not Really Racist – It’s Just Wolf Blitzer And The Rest Of The Jews (AUDIO)

David Duke, who’s best known as a former Ku Klux Klan leader and failed politician, has a whole new conspiracy surrounding Donald Trump. You see, it’s not really that Trump’s a racist. It’s just that Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the Jewish media is making him seem racist. Damn those unedited videos.

Pointing out “the Jewish establishment knows all about psychology,” Duke went on to explain that they have the ability to “marshal up an army of Jews” to go after opponents like Trump by sending out experts to attack him.

Duke cast a wide net, including Chris Wallace from Fox News, CNN’s Jake Tapper as well as Blitzer from CNN, who Duke claims he has already exposed as a “Jewish agent from AIPAC.”

Duke went on to point out that CNN is run by “Jewish extremist” Jeff Zucker, helpfully noting that Zucker has said “he lives and breathes Israel.”

‘They’re the ones who have been attacking Trump,” Duke continued, “And most recently Fox News, the shabbat goy shiksa Megyn Kelly, because they love to have some gentile — they don’t always want all the Jews out front. She recently criticized Trump, the fact that he said this judge isn’t fair. This Mexican judge. This Mexican-descended judge.”

Source: Raw Story

Duke was especially peeved at the Trump University scandal, in which Trump is accused of bilking thousands of people out of upwards of $35,000. Trump is the one who is alleged to have committed fraud, yet, the Jews (and the “Mexican” who’s not Mexican, judge):

Media coverage of the case is “very illustrative of the Jewish tribal nature,” Duke said: “They’re like a pack of wild dogs when they go after someone who they see as a threat to the Jewish agenda, as the neocons see Trump as a threat as a non-interventionist.”

“The viciousness of these Jews is unbelievable,” he added. “I think this whole Trump University case really exploited, can really expose the entire Jewish manipulation of the American media, the American political process.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

Here’s the audio:

Clearly, Duke is certifiable. He has long had it in for the “Jewish cabal” and a candidate like Trump seems tailor made for the white supremacist. While the “the Jews did it” defense might not resonate with most Trump voters (after all, they claim to love Israel), there will continue to be a lot of blaming of the media for the words that come out of Trump’s mouth.

Featured image via David Duke’s Facebook page.