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NRA’s Response To The Florida Shooting Spree That Left 3 Dead Speaks Volumes

On Sunday, while Floridians braced themselves for Tropical Storm Colin, a gunman decided to Second Amendment two innocent people to death in Cape Coral. According to authorities, the first shooting occurred at about 5:45 p.m. when a gunman killed a motorcyclist at a busy intersection. The suspect then drove to a Circle K gas station where he shot two people, killing one of them. Shortly after the second shooting, police spotted the murderer’s car, stopped it and confronted him. The police say that the suspect “violently resist[ed] officers” and he was killed after firing at officers. Two people were found with gunshot wounds in his car, but police have not determined if they were shot by officers or the gunman.

Basically, Sunday was another violent day in America. Of course, the biggest pro-gun group, the National Rifle Association, spoke out right away and condemned the shootings. They demanded to know who this shooter was and how he got a gun. They spoke out against Florida’s lax laws that allow nearly everyone to buy a weapon. They demanded action and said they want to stop this from happening ever again because dammit! this is America and people should be able to drive down the road or buy a candy bar without being gunned down.

Just kidding. The NRA did no such thing; instead, they responded with silence. As usual.

Two innocent people are dead and the biggest gun group in the country completely ignored it. They pretended that it didn’t even happen because they don’t give a shit about the lives and safety of the citizens they claim to protect. They do not care that a man was riding his motorcycle on a Sunday evening and never made it home thanks to some gun nut. They do not care about the two people in the Circle K who were shot and the one who passed away from their injuries. They do not care about the thousands of other mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and CHILDREN who are killed every single year in this country.

Instead of issuing a statement of remorse and sympathy to the loved ones of the victims, the NRA used their time to attack Hillary Clinton and journalist Katie Couric on Twitter.

That was more important than acknowledging the loss of life in Florida and it speaks volumes about their real priorities. The NRA doesn’t care about us, they care about their rhetoric.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images