S.E. Cupp SLAMS Trump For His Attacks On The Media (VIDEO)

Throughout his entire presidential campaign, Donald Trump has whined about the media. He calls reporters “dishonest,” tells the thousands of low-information voters who flock to his rallies that the press hates him and therefore they should hate the press. He points to the press pit at these events and tells his supporters to yell at them and every single time he does an interview he complains that someone somewhere in the world of media, even right-wing media, is treating him “unfairly.” On Tuesday, CNN’s S.E. Cupp slammed the presidential candidate for his treatment of the media and said that he is “fundamentally confused about the roll of free press.”

During a press conference about his “support” of veteran’s groups on Tuesday, Trump threw another hissy fit about reporters and said that they are being “nasty” and not giving him credit for giving money to vets. Cupp responded to his whining, saying:

“When you’re talking about suing journalists for doing their job, he’s not saying that we’re getting the story wrong, we’re actually doing our job asking questions about where this money went that’s the job of the press. He actually said in this press conference today,’I wish you’d just say thank you, thank me for,’ that’s not the role of the media, to thank the presidential nominee for raising money. It’s not the job of the media to heap praise upon him. So I just think that he’s fundamentally very confused about the role of free press..”

I disagree, I think Trump is very aware of the role of the free press, but he doesn’t want his supporters to be aware of it. It is no secret that the people who support the billionaire are not the brightest crayons in the box. Trump has even talked about how much he loves his “poorly educated voters.” He needs to convince these people to distrust the press because then they will just tune out the stories that would sink his candidacy. He needs them to ignore the shadiness around the money he supposedly raised for veterans. He needs them to ignore the Trump University story and how he swindled people out of their money. He needs them to ignore every single bad report that they may see on the news in the coming months. It is the easiest way to lead his sheep to slaughter.

Trump may be a bombastic, racist, lying asshole, but he isn’t stupid – and he is playing his supporters like a fiddle.

Featured image via video screenshot