Richard Dreyfuss Just Showed ‘Little-Dick’ Donald Trump How To Win A Twitter Battle (TWEETS)

Richard Dreyfuss has provided us with some of the finest moments in movie and television history. His ability to run the table on acting to bring us everything from Mr. Holland to Dick Cheney to Bob’s savior, Dr. Leo Marvin, has made him a Hollywood icon and fan favorite for more than four decades. In the age of social media, Dreyfuss is also proving himself to be an amply armed Twitter warrior, taking on the likes of none other than Donald J. Trump.

Dreyfuss isn’t so much upset about Trump’s following of low-hanging fruit; they are as he puts it, “struggling.” The celebrities who have endorsed Trump? Dreyfuss views them in a different light altogether:

It’s their souls they’re whoring out for Trump, and it truly is sickening. To see people who would otherwise be considered intelligent and educated jumping on the Trump train to nowhere is infuriating not only to their fans with half a brain but to Dreyfuss as well. Luckily for Hollywood, people twisted enough to support the orange one aren’t exactly A-listers, with Jon Voight being the closest thing to a decent actor in the bunch.

After the shot at the Kirstie Alleys and Ted Nugents of the world, Dreyfuss moved on to Trump himself, taking a shot at his “off the cuff” style of speaking, which we like to call “racism”:

We don’t need Richard Dreyfuss to tell us that Trump is a racist; it’s as obvious as the comb-over. It’s always nice, however, to see a public figure adored by so many dropping truth bombs on the Republicans’ latest choice to destroy America. Dreyfuss wasn’t quite finished yet, however, letting people know that his opinions aren’t just speculative; he has actually had experience dealing with Trump in person:

And there’s the Donald Trump we all know and despise. If you’ve never experienced a man becoming so jealous that his date actually has a mind of her own that he loses his cool, you can’t quite appreciate how it affects you. It’s infuriating. Trump didn’t just get a little upset, either. He was so butthurt that he acted like a “small-dicked prick,” forcing her to leave and causing those left behind to wonder if he would hurt her:

Autocorrect seems to have gotten the best of him there, but the implications are clear: Donald Trump is a deplorable human being whose own actions have caused people to fear for the safety of women he’s dated. With that, Dreyfuss ended his anti-Trump Twitter barrage. Trump decided not to engage, as is usually the case when someone calls him out for his treatment of women.

Game, set and match: Dreyfuss. And THAT is how to win a Twitter battle against Donald Trump. Embarrass him to the point that he stays out of it altogether.

Featured image by John Sciulli/Spencer Platt/Getty Images