Check Out This Racist ‘What Do You Hate Most About Obama’ Poll Conservatives Are Sharing (IMAGES)

Conservatives just love to be…stupid. They can’t help it; it’s a byproduct of believing the rhetoric, propaganda and lies spread by their corporate masters to keep them in line. We all know it; we see it every day. Now, for your viewing pleasure, a conservative page of almost 100K fans has given us some true insight into what matters most to them with a “what do you hate most about Obama” poll that shows the true colors and (lack of) intellect of a collective of like-minded imbeciles.

First, let’s start with the page itself. In the tradition of idiotic page names conservatives seem to love, this one is called “The Resistance: The Last Line of Defense.” Resistance against what? One could only imagine that it’s resistance against the cruel Obama dictatorship that has guided our country through a recovery from the second worst financial crisis in its history. The “line of defense?” That would appear to be a series of dumbass memes that show intolerance and hate that is way over the top, even for these a**holes.

Now that we’re familiar with the cretins we’re dealing with, let’s have a look at the poll:

res poll

If you were going to give five reasons to hate any other President, would the last two entries be necessary? Something tells me this may be a sign of some mild racism. Being a curiously adventurous soul, I fired up one of my alt accounts and messaged the page with a couple of questions about their choices. They were surprisingly cooperative:


It was almost too good to be true for the purpose of this article. On the other hand, it’s extraordinarily sad that people like this actually exist in the 21st century. Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. The results.

Of the 332 respondents, only 6 chose “the color of his skin.” That would have been an indication that the racism we see directed at the president may be somewhat exaggerated had 98 (30 percent) of respondents chosen “He’s a Muslim terrorist.” Here is the full list of results:

res poll32

So…while 30 percent of respondents are racist piles of doody, more than 50 percent chose the most ambiguous answer possible, proving they have no idea why they hate President Obama. It would have been so much more convenient had they chosen skin color like they wanted to.

And there you have it: a look inside the collective mindset of a bunch of Trump-loving racists. You’re welcome.

Visit the original post and have some fun with the racists HERE.

Featured image by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images