Check Out The ‘Infuriating’ Thing Malia Obama Did That Has Conservatives Calling Her N***** (IMAGES)

The headline from conservative blog USA Politics Today is ominous and tantalizing: “What Malia Obama Just Did With Her Friends Will Make You Furious”. It makes you want to know if the older Obama daughter has finally done something that could be considered an embarrassment to her parents. She is, after all, a teenage girl. Teenage girls tend to get into trouble no matter who their parents are. The Bush twins are a great example. While living in the White House the daughters of Dubya had their share of adventures, which were mostly chuckled off by liberals and conservatives alike, because again — they were teenage girls.

Why, then, if we could laugh at the Bush twins ducking their security detail to go drinking can conservatives not forgive the shenanigans of Malia Obama? The answer to that is simple and all you need to do is read any conservative blog’s comments to see why. Even when confronted by moderates who don’t agree with dragging children into politics, conservatives can’t help but allow their true colors to shine through:


Yes, those are real comments. They accompany an array of like-minded stupidity. You can find everything from imbeciles calling her mother a “Sasquatch” to more of the same BS about birth certificates to good old-fashioned American N-word racism. No matter how ridiculous the a-holes who can’t help but make fools of themselves sound, their anger must be about something pretty important, wouldn’t you think? Here’s a screenshot from the propaganda mill site of the entire article explaining exactly what Malia did to deserve such scathing remarks:


That’s it. No sources, no pictures — just a story (that dates back to 2014) that Malia made her friend pay for her breakfast. That breakfast, as reported by Inquisitr and The Christian Science Monitor, ended with an $8 tip on a $45 bill, which the waitress noted was a great tip coming from teens. Rather than report the truth, which is that Malia Obama is a teenage girl who enjoyed frozen chai and eggs Benedict with a friend, conservatives felt the need to skew the story into her being some kind of cheap skate who forced a friend to pay and leave a horrible tip.

That’s how a scandal is born when the people you’re trying to reach are idiots who will believe anything negative you can possibly come up with about the black family living in the White House. They weren’t upset when the Bush girls had some fun and got in a little trouble, because teens will be teens, but boy were they ever upset when Malia got into…Harvard.

Featured image via screen capture