This Touching Moment POTUS Shared With A Hiroshima Survivor Is Why He’ll Be So Sorely Missed (VIDEO)

President Obama’s trip to Hiroshima would come and go without an official apology to the Japanese people for dropping hellfire on them to end World War II. The official position of the U.S. government is that the bombings were a necessary evil to end a war with no end in sight, ultimately saving lives and bringing the world back to peace. Just because the President wasn’t in a position to apologize doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be the man we all know and have come to expect him to be.

While the president’s speech was eloquent, reminding us that the people of Hiroshima were just like you and I, it was a moment he shared with a man who survived the bombing that is catching the attention of the world. In this video by ABC News, you can see President Obama intently listening to the man’s story through a translator. At one point the man begins to break down and our President, obviously working off of pure decency and instinct, put his arm around the man and gave him a hug.

The Japanese are a proud people who prefer the bow and the handshake, but the elderly gentleman who had been to hell and back seemed grateful that the President of the United States would show him such compassion:

Conservatives, who have been demonizing the president’s plans to visit the site for weeks now are out in force, condemning the action as an apology rather than a human being connecting with another human being in a display of true compassion, something their shallow, selfish minds can’t quite reconcile with. Anne Coulter, for example, tweeted this bit of assholery before the President hit the podium in Hiroshima:

Leave it to someone as crass as Coulter to take something as simple as a trip to a friendly state and turn it into the ugliest thing possible. She may have a point, though: All of the idiots harping on this trip and calling it something it isn’t have a point. It’s not like the Japanese government ever apologized for Pearl Harbor, right?

Oh…wait. Yes, they did.

Regardless of what the clowns tasked with riling up the conservative base think of this particular state trip, it makes those of us who understand diplomacy proud to be Americans.

Featured image via screen capture