Obama Tells Reporters That He Gives Zero F*cks About Hillary’s Email ‘Scandal’ (VIDEO)

Things got a little heated during a press conference with President Obama in Japan on Thursday. The usually easygoing president snapped at a reporter who wanted to waste his time by asking about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Obama told reporters that he was going to take one more question but when a member of the press asked him about Clinton he changed his mind, saying:

You know I take it back – I’m not taking another question. We’re in Japan, don’t you have something to do with Asia that we want to talk about? I’ll be talking about this in Washington the whole time. I’ve already said a lot on those issues — I think these are better directed to the campaign.”

We don’t blame the president for being annoyed. His trip to Japan was an historic trip as he became the only president to ever visit Hiroshima. The reporter could have asked him a number of questions about that, but instead chose to ask a question about a manufactured scandal. As if that weren’t ridiculous enough, the press also asked him if he thought Clinton should release the text of her Wall Street speeches. Obama responded to that nonsense by saying:

“During the course of the primary, people say things that they think will help them get some votes, and once the campaign is over, they move on. The noise that is going back and forth between the candidates at this point … if you want insights into how they’re thinking about it, those [questions] should be directed to them.”

President Obama made it abundantly clear that he does not give a shit about all of the political drama going on. He has a job to do so he is going to ignore the BS and do what we elected him to do.


Featured image via Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images