Here’s The Chilling Viral Video Showing Us How Trump Wants To ‘Make America Great Again’

When listening to Donald Trump speak, he keeps talking about “the good old days” and how he wants to “make America great again.” However, what exactly are these good old days he speaks of, and in case he didn’t notice, America is already pretty damn great.

Trump would see and hear protesters at his rallies and encourage violence, saying that they should be brought out on stretchers, and that they should be punched in the face. All the while offering to pay legal fees. He keeps saying that he wants to go back to the days when that was seemingly socially acceptable.

Well, guess what? It’s not acceptable. It’s not now, and it should have never been.

Putting together a mash-up that will send chills down your spine is Mother Jones. They laid down audio from Trump at his rallies over video from protests during the horrific segregation era in America when Jim Crow still ran rampant in several parts of the nation. Where protesters were beaten, dragged, and sometimes killed.

It’s an era we most certainly do not want to go back to, they most definitely were not the “good old days,” and it will definitely not “make America great again.” It would set us back decades, and it would divide the nation once again in a way that’s just absolutely horrific to even imagine.

We need to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office. This is not the America we need nor should ever want. Not. At. All.

Watch the mash-up via Mother Jones here:

Featured image via video screen grabs