Watch Hillary’s Reaction When Security Tries To Kick Shirtless Male Supporters Out Of Her Rally

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton had a couple of really enthusiastic supporters show up at her Buena Park, California rally on Wednesday. In fact, they were so enthusiastic she had to stop her security team from throwing them out of the event because they decided to remove their shirts.

As security moved to escort the shirtless men out of her rally, one of them yelled, “Hillary, they’re kicking us out because we don’t have our shirts on. They’re making us leave because we don’t have shirts on.” A laughing Clinton responded by asking security to stop and saying:

“Well, you know what? As long as they don’t take anything else off. You know, you gotta make split decisions that’s what leadership is all about. We are a big diverse country. OK, where was I? I gotta admit, it is a little distracting standing up here looking at them. So I’m gonna look over this way, and I’m gonna look over that way. I’m gonna look back there.”

It was a great moment for Clinton to show off the sense of humor a lot of people do not realize she has. The right wing often accuses her of being an Ice Queen, but she is actually very funny. Her response also highlighted the vast differences between her campaign and that of Republican nominee Donald Trump. The GOP candidate’s rallies are filled with violence and hate, while Clinton’s is filled with positivity. It’s like night and day.


Featured image via video screenshot