Trump’s New Manager Admits The ‘Muslim Ban’ Idea Was To Reel In The Whackos

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s new convention manager, may not have gotten the memo that the campaign never openly engages in honesty. Telling the truth inside the Trump camp could start a chain reaction, bringing the whole shindig to a screeching halt. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Manafort basically admitted that Trump’s “Muslim ban” was nothing but a ploy to attract the fringe right weirdos who enjoy living in fear every hour of every day.

“He’s already started moderating on that,” Manafort said. “He operates by starting the conversation at the outer edges and then brings it back towards the middle. Within his comfort zone, he’ll soften it some more.

“He’ll still end up outside of the norm, but in line with what the American people are thinking.”

He starts those conversations on the “outer edges” because that’s where the lunatics hang out. Once you’ve secured them with a good dose of fear, hate and lies it’s OK to move more towards the center, where people who live in the real world tend to be. It’s not a new tactic for Trump; it’s his status quo. His campaign began with a speech pandering to white supremacists. The wall he’s never going to build whether he’s elected or not will become legendary fodder for decades of election cycles to come.

Manafort says the change will come at Trump’s discretion, because “you don’t manage Donald Trump.” Trump has already begun the move towards the center, saying recently that the ban he has said he would institute was actually “just a suggestion.”

Trump’s “suggestions” leave little room for doubt on their translation. Was he also pandering to the far-right when he applauded torture and called for the U.S. to kill the families of known terrorists? Was he embellishing when he said that Mexico is “sending us” their worst criminals? Trump has and will say whatever he needs to say to keep those auditoriums stocked with hateful a-holes willing to get violent with protestors for free media coverage.

Manafort seems to have the ideal personality to work for Donald Trump; he is completely delusional. On the issue of Trump’s lagging support from women and Latinos, he told HuffPo:

“Hillary is the one who’s got a gender gap. And while we are behind among women over all, we’re ahead among white women even now. We’ll get some black and Hispanic women as we go along,”

Yeah. Sure you will. As soon as Trump steps onto that stage and tries to treat Hillary Clinton the way he’s treated Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina and Rosie O’Donnell, women across America will be faced with the startling (not really) truth that Donald Trump only cares about his bought-and-paid-for wife and the daughter he seems to be secretly in love with. Even his younger daughter doesn’t get a whole lot of billing; which makes you think Trump doesn’t find her attractive enough to care about.

Featured image by Kenna Betankur/Getty Images