Bill O’Reilly Just Made The Most Offensive And Outrageous Claim About Black Lives Matter EVER

If there is anyone who is as big a bully as Donald Trump, it is Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. Whenever he has a guest on his show that has a differing opinion than him, he cuts them off, yells at them and all around treats them like shit. In addition to the way he treats his guests, he lies all the time to his audience and makes inflammatory claims about Democrats and liberal organizations. His love for outrage was showcased on the Wednesday night episode of The O’Reilly Factor where he accused Black Lives Matter of “killing Americans.”

O’Reilly introduced the “Talking Points” segment of his show by saying,”How Black Lives Matter is killing Americans: that is the subject of tonight’s talking points memo.” He went on to say that the movement is a “violent subculture” within the African-American community. Yes, because fighting for the rights, through protests and demonstrations, is SUPER offensive and violent. He claimed:

“The media will not spotlight that much of the violent crime in America is being committed right now by young black men. Blacks of all ages commit homicide at a rate of 8 times higher than whites and Hispanics combined. Conclusion: There is a violent subculture in the African American community that should be exposed and confronted.”

I would love to know where Bill gets his statistics from. Obviously, it’s The Bullshit Center For White Supremacist Studies. This tired old narrative that black people commit more crimes than white people is, exactly that, bullshit. According to FBI statistics, African-Americans were arrested more than whites for murder and manslaughter, but the numbers varied by ONE percent.

However, white people committed far more violent crimes than African-Americans. Sixty-five percent of the people arrested for “forcible rape” were white, that’s double the 32 percent that were black. Aggravated assaults? 62.8 percent were committed by whites, 34 percent by blacks. Burglaries? 67.1 percent were committed by whites, 30.8 percent by blacks. The FBI found that 58.7 percent of all violent crimes were committed by white people and 38.5 percent by African-Americans.


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Don’t expect O’Reilly to amend his false claims, though, he needs to keep his audience nice and outraged. He needs his viewers to believe that black “thugs” are murdering, raping and robbing. The Republican Party needs him to spread this racist, bombastic nonsense because the more fearful white folks are of black people, the more likely they are to vote for people like Trump who are promising to take the country back. They HATE that a black guy has taken up residence in “their” White House and they want to make their Oval Office white again. O’Reilly and the GOP know that this is how their vapid base feels so they are fear-mongering HARD.

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