Former Israeli Prime Minister BLASTS Israeli Government, Says Israel Has Become A Fascist State

It appears that the curtain that hides the true nature of Israel is finally beginning to be pulled back. On Friday, former prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak told reporters that Israel has been “infected by the seeds of fascism.” That may be one of the biggest understatements of the year, though it does show the beginnings of a new internal outcry against Israel’s government.

Haaretz reports:

Responding to the resignation of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon earlier in the day, Barak said that it “should be a red light for all of us regarding what’s going on in the government.”

“Life-sustaining Zionism and the seeds of fascism cannot live together,” Barak told a Channel 10 interviewer.

Ya’alon’s resignation is “the end of a chain that began with the case of the soldier who shot [a wounded Palestinian assailant to death],” Barak said. “Such incidents give us an X-ray image that is opposed to the will of the people.

“What has happened is a hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements. And it’s just the beginning.”

“This government needs to be brought down before it brings all of us down,” Barak added. “There are no serious leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli government.”

That last quote is particularly relevant to the United States, seeing as the U.S. has acted as Israel’s vanguard for quite some time now. The Obama administration’s relationship with Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been tense, to say the least. Much of this has to do with Netanyahu’s avowed disapproval of President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

However, due to rapid changes in the political ideology of people in the U.S. that may change depending on the administration in power. While a majority of Americans still have a favorable opinion of Israeli, Democrats and Independents’ favorability of Israel is plummeting. The Republican Party’s positive outlook on Israel remains rock solid, showing support for Israel has become an increasingly partisan issue.

Featured image from (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)