EVEN MORE White Nationalists Are Trump Delegates, Report Says

The American Freedom Party (AFP), a third-way, white nationalist fascist party, is claiming members of its organization are Trump delegates. Last week, William Johnson, an attorney and delegate to Trump, was outed as the president of the AFP white nationalist and subsequently resigned his position.

Mother Jones, who broke the story on Johnson, obtained a screenshot of a quickly deleted Facebook post from the AFP highlighting the breaking story, in which a commenter says, “Mother Jones? This page is liberal nonsense.” The AFP then commented, “Of course they are…but here is what they don’t know: we have more delegates.”

Johnson told Mother Jones that he himself knows of one other AFP member being selected by a state party to attend the RNC, and that he is an honorary delegate but kept his identity secret:

Johnson said there are additional white nationalist Trump delegates who have been in touch with movement leaders, though “I don’t actually know who they are. There are people who are surreptitious,” he said.

“Right now people are still a little bit afraid because they will have the same reaction that happened to me,” Johnson explained. “We just have to give it a few more months before people feel comfortable.”

With Trump garnering 1,161 delegates (so far), there’s no telling how many of them are affiliated with the AFP or any other white nationalist association. Seeing as though one delegate has been outed as a white nationalist and another a pedophile, the public should expect more “comfortable” bigots and weirdos to be outed. So far, according to Johnson, there are at least a handful or more white nationalists picking the candidate for a major party candidate.

After Mother Jones broke the story on this, Rachel Maddow got hold of it, further spotlighting that the Trump campaign may actually be filled with even more racist bigots than previously thought.

More Trump supporters are doing their part to “Make America Great Again.”

Featured image via Ramin Talaie/Getty Images