Watch The ‘Liberal Redneck’ Compare Anti-Trans Protesters To Michele Bachmann On Bath Salts

Trae Crowder, known on YouTube as “The Liberal Redneck,” has returned again with yet another damned funny commentary on the recent creepy obsession that Republicans have with what people do in public restrooms.

Crowder started by taking aim specifically at the new wave of idiots that are invading Target department stores, in order to loudly “protest” the fact they allow transgender people to use the restrooms in their department stores. One case in particular was one where a woman was walking up and down the aisles in target, towing along what appeared to be half of her 12 children she claimed to have.

Sympathizing with the woman, in the comedic sense, he said he could understand how with 12 kids she was “crazier than Michelle Bachmann on bath salts.” You gotta agree with his logic. With 12 kids, and having to manage them in a militant Christian household that you KNOW she runs, she’s probably crazier than an outhouse rat.

Crowder is sick of hearing about how Republicans are going to “take their country back” as well, and suggested that they all move somewhere that religion and government are the same — like Saudi Arabia. Crowder said “I know what you’re thinking — ‘Eww, they’re brown, gross. But check it out: they love screaming, they hate books, they throw rocks at queers — you’d fit right in.” What a great point. Right?

Watch Trae completely own every person who can’t stop thinking about people peeing below:

Considering how many Republicans get caught doing bad hings in public rest rooms, you would think that they’d be focusing more on their own party, instead of an entire segment of society that already lives in such fear of going to the bathroom they are in-and-out while drawing as little attention to themselves as possible.

Featured image via video screen capture