Trump Is Now Becoming Chris Christie’s Sugar Daddy, And Yes, It’s As Weird As It Sounds

In what is seriously turning into a bromance for the ages, Donald Trump is now apparently turning into New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s sugar daddy. Instead of a regular old campaign appearance like he’s been doing across the nation, at one rally stop in New Jersey at the Lawrenceville National Guard Armory Trump will be charging $200 per person to raise money for Christie’s debt from his failed presidential campaign.

If that sounds weird, it’s because it is. Trump is now doing pretty substantial favors for Christie and it definitely makes one wonder what’s up.

Political science professor Brigid Harrison from Montclair State University said:

“This is really unique in its character. This is akin to Hillary Clinton holding a rally to pay off Bernie Sanders’ debt, or to Barack Obama holding a rally to pay off Hillary Clinton’s debt in 2008.”

And while it wouldn’t be unusual if Trump had thrown a fundraiser for the explicit purpose of helping out Christie, doing so with a rally is found to be very odd by experts.

And according to

“Trump will also appear at a second, private fundraiser Thursday for New Jersey’s Republican Party, which still has $525,000 in debt related to legal bills from the George Washington Bridge scandal that engulfed Christie’s administration. Tickets for that event: $25,000.”

Looks as though Trump is really starting to embrace the Republican party and now realizes the need for donations and contributors. All this while he still claims to be an outsider, but looks to be squirming his way into the infamous “establishment” likely noting it’s in his best benefit moving forward towards November. He’s a businessman and likely sees all of this as some form of deal, because it is. It also makes one wonder what role Christie would have within a Trump administration, because it’s becoming more and more obvious that may be the course of action.

Who knows, really? And hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

Featured Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images