Donald Trump Humiliates Chris Christie AGAIN And It’s Worse Than Ever Before (VIDEO)

Chris Christie’s strange loyalty to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has been questioned since the day he pledged his unwavering support to the business mogul. However, every time Trump insults or embarrasses the New Jersey governor, Christie loses even more of the public’s respect. This most recent incident further proves that not even Trump has an ounce of respect for Christie, and is really just using him as a prop to make his campaign events more entertaining for his audience.

Previously, Trump has humiliated Christie by basically holding him hostage on stage after the NJ governor endorsed him, and dismissing him like an unwanted child during a Tennessee rally by telling him to “get on that plane and go home”. This latest incident just adds even more insult to injury. At a campaign event specifically aimed to help Christie get out of his $200,000 debt from his failed campaign — which is embarrassing enough to admit — Trump decided to make matters worse by teasing Christie about something he’s always been sensitive about — his weight.

Trump had gone on a rant about Nabisco moving factories to Mexico, and mentioned that he was done eating Oreos. Desperately searching for a punchline, Trump looked at Christie, pointed his little index finger at him and said:

“Neither is Chris! You’re not eating Oreos anymore!”

The crowd erupted into awkward laughter and Trump tried to ‘soften the blow’ by repeating the joke and bringing himself into the equation.

“No more Oreos, for either of us, Chris! Don’t feel bad! For either of us!”

You can watch this embarrassing moment unfold moment below:

To make matters even worse, Trump also announced, “So you know Chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight” at the rally, clearly rubbing salt in the wound he continually keeps opening. If Christie had any self-respect after the massive failure of his own presidential campaign, you can be sure that it’ll be demolished by the time Trump’s campaign is over.

Featured image via Spencer Platt / Getty Images