Mitt Romney’s Effort To Stop Trump Ends Just Like His 2012 Bid For The White House Did

Man, it has got to suck to be Mitt Romney. We all fail, life is full of ups and downs, wins and losses, but nobody fails as hard and as publicly as Romney has in recent years.

On Wednesday, Yahoo News reported that Mitt Romney has ended his attempts to recruit a Republican to run as an Independent against Donald Trump in November:

There are signs of concern with Romney’s inner circle that his role in the “stop Trump” effort is being exaggerated or overplayed. Several key Romney confidantes did not respond to requests for comment for this article, funneling requests to one source close to Romney who said in an email that Romney “is not now engaged in an effort to recruit a third-party candidate.”

And while Romney remains “motivated to help the ‘stop Trump’ cause,” a person involved in the stop-Trump discussions said that Romney is not calling or emailing any of the people who are still considering a run. A few potential candidates remain, the source said, although none at the moment are “live prospects.”

Apparently, Romney gave up on his efforts to recruit a GOPer to run against the presumptive Republican nominee when prospective candidates like  Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse said no. Although the #NeverTrump movement is still a thing, fewer right-wingers are speaking out against him. It is entirely possible that Trump’s threats against people who were against him are working. Last week one of his campaign officials threatened to blacklist vendors and supporters of the anti-loudmouth billionaire movement.

Mitt Romney entered the presidential primary earlier this year by blasting Donald Trump. Some people within the party looked at him like he was a superhero. Here was the 2012 Republican nominee trying to save the party,”All hail, Mitt Romney!” Trump, on the other hand, swatted Romney’s attacks away like he was a little, annoying gnat. It was actually interesting to watch as a Democrat. How was the guy who the GOP settled for in 2012, really going to save the day?

Well, he didn’t and now he has failed again. He wasn’t able to beat Trump anymore than he was able to beat Obama.


Poor Mittens.

Featured image Justin Sullivan/Getty Images