Fox Credits Bush For Obama’s Economic Recovery They Spent 8 Years Saying Didn’t Exist

After eight years of belly aching from every single Republican about how we have virtually no economic recovery under President Obama, Fox decided that the time has come for Obama to credit — wait for it — George W. Bush for the eight years of recovery we’ve had under President Obama.

I swear to God, I’m not making this up. Just watch the video clip below. Brit Hume gets into it after about one minute. He spends the first minute listing off a litany of Republican talking points they’ve used for the past 8 years to prove that no economic recovery existed under President Obama. After this brief tirade, Brit spontaneously shifted personalities and started demanding that President Obama give credit for the economic recovery of the past eight years to Dubya.

Brit made the wildly incorrect assertion that because there were signs of recovery before President Obama’s economic recovery plan became active, that meant none of his efforts had any effect on the recovery. However, because George W. Bush’s smaller bailout packages had already taken effect, they get full credit for fixing the economy. But — and this is the best part — Brit then went on to say that the economy recovered on its own, “because that’s what markets do,” and implied that no government assistance was needed at all for it to happen.

I know that sounds a bit confusing. It’s because it’s one of the most reality-free statements made by a Republican in the past eight years.

Then there’s the unspoken point of Republicans whining for eight years straight about how unfair it is for Obama to tie anything George W. Bush did to the economic conditions during his presidency. They now have decided that there is, in fact, a recovery that exists so now they are rewriting history to say George W. Bush caused it when he wasn’t even in office any longer. And that whole part about Dubya not having any effect on Obama’s woes? Yeah let’s just forget they ever said that.

Watch the Fox go completely stupid in two minutes flat below:

Featured image via scrapetv