CNN Attacks Larry Wilmore, Cancels Appearance For Mentioning Them In Comedy Skit

CNN is slowly slipping off the deep end into the pool of corporate-approved fake news with their latest attack on Larry Wilmore. The comedian gave a bit of a roasting to CNN during the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which seemed to raise the ire of company executives. As retaliation towards Wilmore they cancelled an upcoming May 4th appearance on Don Lemon’s evening show that Lemon himself set up with Wilmore.

Let’s look at this in a very pragmatic context for a moment. Larry Wilmore made an absolutely HUGE buzz in the media when he stood on stage next to our first black president and said “Yo, Barry, you did it my nig*a!” There was nobody who wasn’t talking about this, and having Wilmore on his show to talk about all this would have been a huge win for Lemon. With all this in mind, you can see how Don Lemon wouldn’t have been the one who suddenly cancelled the appearance.

No, this was from the faceless executives at CNN who wanted to punish a comedian for taking some arguably light, if well deserved, pokes at their growing joke of a “news” network. There isn’t anything Wilmore said which was that serious and hasn’t been said before about the network for years now.

CNN is here tonight. I’ve been watching CNN a long time. Yep. Used to watch it back when it was a news network. I did. What, is it all CNN here tonight?

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t get enough of that CNN countdown clock. Now we can see exactly when they hit zero in the ratings.

Source: Washington Post

He even had a little fun with Don Lemon personally, yet Lemon still invited Wilmore on his own show because he simply got the joke.

CNN’s excuse for cancelling Wilmore’s appearance is that they had to handle the coverage of the Indiana primaries. This was a poor excuse, because the Indiana primaries already ended 24 hours before then. He was never given the offer for a rescheduling either.

It’s a disturbing precedent to set, especially by one of the big three cable news outlets. Corporate media is becoming more and more consolidated under fewer and fewer owners. If CNN’s new policy is to punish individuals who are critical of their increasing bend towards fluff news and false equivalencies, then the last few crumbs of journalistic integrity the network has, as a whole, are about to go completely out the window.

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