Dipsh*t Adjusts Gun He Was Hiding In His SOCK Shoots Himself, Stranger At Graduation Ceremony

Millions of Americans across the country have concealed carry permits that allow them to carry their guns with them almost everywhere they go. The vast majority of these people, including my brother, have the common sense to purchase holsters to place their deadly weapons in; but then we have dumbasses like the one in Augusta, Kansas who thought,”I don’t need no stinkin’ holster! I’ve got a perfectly good sock!” As you can imagine, this isn’t going to end well.

Two people were hurt in an “accidental” shooting at Augusta High School’s graduation ceremony over the weekend. According to Augusta Police Chief Tyler Brewer, a man was adjusting his gun when it went off, hit him, ricocheted and hit another woman. The shooting took place in a crowded stadium and was completely preventable, but the man was apparently an imbecile:

Police told KWCH [News] the gun owner has a permit, and was carrying a small, semi-automatic gun in his sock. The gun in his sock was uncomfortable and he was apparently adjusting it when it went off.

He. Was. Carrying. His. Gun. In. His. Sock. HIS SOCK!


The brilliant, brilliant man ended up with a bullet wound in his foot and the woman with one in her calf. They are both expected to be okay. Chief Brewer said he plans on pursuing charges against the idiot because the shooting happened on school grounds. Imagine that, a gun owner who used his sock as a holster broke the law? Didn’t see that coming.

The NRA and the silly Republican politicians who are in their pocket claim that Democrats want to steal their firearms because we want stricter gun control laws. This is completely false, of course, and to my knowledge President Obama has still not carried out his nefarious gun grabbing plot, but right-wingers still believe it is going to happen. They argue about even basic laws like mandatory safety classes. Seriously. This shouldn’t be a problem but it is and hundreds of people every year are hurt in shootings, like this one, that could have been prevented if the gun owner knew how to handle the weapon they so enthusiastically carry.

But what do I know? I’m just the sister of someone who owns an arsenal of guns and I’ve never been shot once. I wonder why that is? Oh yeah, cause my brother knows that a sock isn’t a fucking holster.

Featured image via The Chive