WATCH: SNL Mocks Trump For Pretending To Be His Own Publicist In Hilarious Cold Open

In a comedy skit in its own right, Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee for the presidency of the United States, and it all happened despite the fact that the billionaire businessman has said some of the worst things ever about minorities and women. However, his antics and demeanor are certainly comical and the material he’s provided has been a dream come true for late night talk shows and especially the people at Saturday Night Live. The recent discovery that Donald Trump once posed as his own publicist created yet more material for SNL.

In the latest skit, Darrell Hammond’s ‘Donald Trump’ is on the phone with a reporter who didn’t believe that he was Trump’s publicist Joe Pepperoni.  “No, I am not Donald Trump in disguise,” he said. “This is just what classy people sound like, OK?”

Watch video here:


Then Bobby Moynihan’s ‘Chris Christie’ showed up to help the billionaire businessman and Republican nightmare pick his running mate. When Jebb Bush was suggested, both went into uncontrollable laughter. After everyone from Carly Fiorina to Bruce Springsteen were rejected by ‘Trump,’ he wondered why no major Republican wanted to be his vice president.

‘Christie’ immediately saw an opportunity. He said:

“If I may be so bold. Sir, anyone who didn’t want to be your VP would be a damn fool. You are such a special candidate. And maybe, just maybe the person you have been looking for the whole time is standing in this room right now.”

‘Trump’ replied, “You are so right, Ben Carson, want to be vice president?”

Let’s hope when all is said and done in November, America can look back at Trump and see him as a funny distant memory.

Featured image via video screenshot.