WATCH: GOP Chair Says ‘People Don’t Care’ About Trump’s Treatment Of Women, Gets Destroyed By Fox Host

Well you really have to hand it to Trump. Now that he’s destroyed every establishment candidate, the GOP is left with him as the presumptive nominee. Although some in the GOP establishment continue to kick and scream at the thought of the billionaire businessman being crowned the new king of the party, many are now coming to grips and even defending the demagogue in public and that’s quite hard to do given Trump’s rhetoric and history.

In a sign that the GOP is surrendering to the new face of the GOP, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus defended Trump, even going as far as saying that “people just don’t care” about Trump’s alleged terrible treatment of women.

Watch video here:


During an interview, Fox host Chris Wallace asked Priebus about a  New York Times report that found “repeated instances of Trump insulting women and making unwanted advances even in the workplace.”

Priebus’ response was odd given that he is the RNC chair. He said, “Well, you know, a lot of things bother me. And obviously, I’m the wrong person to be asking that particular question.” Wallace quickly pounced on the chairman, saying, “Wait a minute, why are you the wrong person? You’re the chairman of the party. This is your nominee, and they’re saying he has mistreated women.”

Priebus’ response was ridiculous. He said:

“People just don’t care. I think people look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and say, ‘Who is going to bring an earthquake to Washington, D.C.?’ I don’t think Donald Trump and his personal life is something that people are looking at and saying, ‘Wow, I’m surprised that he’s had girlfriends.’ That’s not what people look at.”

Chris Wallace quickly interjected saying:

“Whoa, forgive me, sir. It’s not whether or not he had girlfriends. The question is whether or not he mistreated women, whether he made unwanted advances, whether he humiliated women in the workplace.”

It’s disturbing to see that the Republican moral compass is non-existent. They would rather support a sexist megalomaniac who disrespects women and minorities than say the truth: Donald Trump is not the right choice to be president of the United States.

Featured image via video screenshot.