WATCH: CNN Host Destroys Trump Campaign Manager For Denying Trump Acted As His Own Publicist

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has admitted in the past that he has acted as his own publicist, he and his campaign continue to deny that it was his voice on the recordings. Jake Tapper confronted Trump’s campaign manager on the issue and his defense of Trump was sloppy and full of nonsense.

On Sunday morning’s State of the Union, Tapper played the now infamous tape of Trump impersonating his own PR guy, and then asked campaign manager Paul Manafort if the campaign is “seriously claiming that wasn’t Mr. Trump?”  Manafort stuck to his story but Tapper pressed on and put Manafort on the spot. Tapper said:

“In 1990 under oath he testified he did use the name John Barron, and in 1991 he told People magazine he did use the name John Miller so this has already been admitted previously. I don’t understand why now.”

Manafort then said, “I don’t know those facts to be true or not. I just know that he said it’s not him. I believe him.” He then went on in an attempt to change the subject, citing what he said was the lack of importance of the issue:

“I don’t even know the relevance of this frankly. It’s 25 years old and they’re not dealing with the issues that Trump is trying to focus on today. Jobs, terrorism, immigration problems. These are the issues we should be talking about. Why the media is spending so much time going by 25 years, talking about People magazine on a tape that may or may not be Trump.”

But Tapper wasn’t having it, and he explained the relevance of the story to Manafort. Here’s what he said:

“This issue is here you have a man who in his 40’s allegedly is his own public relations agent, bragging about his exploits with women while married to Ivana Trump, the mother of his three children and speaks to a certain kind of character issue don’t you think?”

Indeed, the character flaws here are tremendous. The lies along with the alleged betrayal of his wife and his disgusting talk about women should all be taken as important issues, especially since Trump is trying to become president. Let’s hope it never comes to that scenario.

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