Racist Barber Pulls Gun On Black Man Who Asked For A Haircut (VIDEO)

“Racism doesn’t exist anymore!”

“The United States is as inclusive as it’s ever been!”

“White supremacists don’t live in the USA! We have a black president, that proves it!”

This is the kind of bullshit you hear from the right-wing all the time. According to them, we live in a post-racial America where everyone loves everyone else and racism is a thing of the past. It is very clear that people who believe this are either lying, stupid or completely unaware of what is going on in the world (I think it’s a combination of the three), because it hard to genuinely believe that when you turn on the news and hear about things like the following story.

Arthur Hill walked into a barbershop in Rock Hill, South Carolina on Tuesday and asked for a haircut. The barber, Larry Thomas, responded by saying he doesn’t “cut black hair.” Hill, shocked by the answer, asked Thomas what he meant and that’s when he saw a silver .38 caliber snub-nose revolver in the barber’s hand:

“I was shocked, I was shocked for my life, because I’m thinking that could’ve been me laying on the floor dead,” Hill, the would-be customer, told NBC affiliate WCNC. “He did not point it at me, but it was clear in sight like he meant business.”

Thomas told police that Hill was lying and that his guns were all in a shed out back. Officers looked in the shed and found handguns that matched the description Hill gave to them — shocking. York County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the barber and charged him with “pointing and presenting a firearm at a person,” a felony.

When the dipshit was released from jail, his story about where he had the guns suddenly changed. According to The Washington Post he told media outlets that he had the gun because he was afraid:

“I always have a gun right here,” Thomas told WCNC, as he tapped his cabinet. “But I felt threatened because that man came walking back here to where I was, I felt threatened and I picked up the gun and I had it here by my side.”

“I told him I did not do black hair and he kept coming towards me and I stepped back here and I always keep a gun right here and I just picked up my gun and put my gun at my side,”Thomas told WBTV. “That’s when he got into my face and said ‘You meant African American now, didn’t you?’”

Thomas also claims that racism had nothing to do with his statement that he doesn’t “cut black hair.” Instead, he says that he just isn’t good enough to do it. However, although that may seem like a plausible excuse, WBTV says that they found eight other calls to police from the shop. In most of those cases, customers — including a Latino and an Asian man — all claimed they were refused service.

It’s very obvious that Thomas is a vile piece of racist trash who refuses service to people based on the color of their skin and apparently does it with a gun in his hand. So in addition to proving that racism is not dead, he is also proving that gun nuts are a bunch of wimps who need to cling to their penile extensions to solve their problems. Well done, he is the embodiment of a right-wing imbecile.




Featured image via video screenshot