Ben Carson Accidentally Reveals Trump’s Top VP Choices And The List Will Leave You ROTFL

The mere fact that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for president of the United States is quite comical in of itself – not only because it’s Donald Trump, but alsobecause he’s been able to basically destroy the Republican party. How much more damage can the billionaire demagogue possibly do? Well, plenty if you count the people and more specifically that one person he has on his short list for vice-president. The king of the disintegrating Republican party may anoint a queen. That’s right folks, Sarah Palin is on the short list of candidates for Trump’s vice-president.

According to the Washington Post, Ben Carson, who is now the head of Trump’s vice presidential search committee, was driving on his way to a television interview when he accidentally revealed the list to a reporter who was riding in his car. The list included Sarah Palin.

After the mellow and weird doctor told the reporter that he would not behave in the same way as Dick Cheney when Cheney headed Bush’s vice presidential search committee but nominated himself, Carson’s wife, Candy, pointed out that a poll had Carson as the top choice to be Trump’s running mate. Carson was told that John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie had also been named in the poll.

That’s when he revealed the names. “Those are all people on our list,” Carson said. “Well, not you,” his wife said.

It sure would be hilarious to watch yet another Trump victim start working for Trump. Ben Carson, who prior to his GOP run was a respected doctor and human being, was compared to a child molester by Trump but is now his defender on every news station imaginable. Chris Christie, who was also obliterated by Trump became his lackey. Who could forget the time when Christie stood stone faced behind Trump like a deer caught in headlights? Then of course there’s Ted Cruz, or as Trump referred to him, “Lyin Ted,” who was dragged through the mud by Trump. We also can’t forget “Little Marco” Rubio, the golden boy of the Republican party, but who was also humiliated by Trump.

However, the match made in heaven or should I say hell would be a Trump/Palin ticket. The hope is she’ll help bring Trump down in the same way she helped bring down John McCain. It would be quite a surprise for Trump to pick Palin but with these Republicans, you just never know.

UPDATE: Donald Trump released a tweet disavowing Carson’s list (despite Carson at one time being assigned to help pick the VP), saying “most” of the names on the list are wrong and specifically Marco Rubio.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons