Zionist Billionaire To Give $100 Million To Trump Campaign, In Return Wants Billions For Israel (VIDEO/TWEET)

If you’ve ever wondered why the United States gives Israel billions of dollars a year in so-called assistance, you need not wonder anymore.  It’s all about working the system, and pro-Israel lobbyists and billionaires like casino mogul Sheldon Edelson know exactly what they are doing to exploit the American process: They buy American politicians.

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is about to receive a big present from Sheldon Adelson of $100 million for his campaign. However, there is an exchange here: If Trump becomes president, then he must ensure that the U.S. continue its unwavering financial support for Israel despite the fact that we can’t afford clean water in Flint and our national infrastructure is failing. The U.S. also sends billions to Israel despite the fact that Israel has been ethnically cleansing Palestinians since 1947 and treats them in a way that civil rights activist Desmond Tutu described as worse than the apartheid regime that existed in South Africa.

How much money does the U.S. give to Israel?

The state of Israel currently receives a staggering $3 billion a year in so-called aid, much of it for its military, which is then used to brutalize the Palestinian people in the form of a military occupation and a settlement apparatus of land theft that is illegal under international law. With the current agreement set to expire in 2017, Israel wants a raise. They are now asking for an estimated $5 billion a year over the next ten years, for a total of more than $50 billion. In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrogantly rejected President Obama’s recent offer, which is about $40 billion over ten years. Israel has said that it may hold out for the next president in order to get a better deal.

According to Sheldon Adelson, that next president may be Donald Trump. The $100 million he will give to Trump may seem substantial but Adelson, whose loyalties are with Israel, is willing to spend $100 million in order to receive billions for the apartheid state in return. Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted about Adelson’s previous support for former candidate Marco Rubio:

Since the campaign money is now coming Trump’s way, you can bet that Trump is ready to be Israel’s puppet and give it what it wants. In an attempt to court big pro-Israel donors, Trump has already stated that he supports the continuation of illegal settlement construction in the Palestinian West Bank. The billions of  dollars that will help Israel continue to rob and oppress the Palestinians will come from fleecing the U.S. taxpayer of money that instead can go to our schools and our healthcare system.

Donald Trump is just another political phony who is willing to sell his own country down the river to the highest foreign bidder for personal power.

Watch video here:

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