WATCH: Anti-LGBT Activist Gets Destroyed When He Can’t Answer Which Bathroom Trans Women Should Use

The director of the Anti-LGBT group the Family Research Council had an interview with Chris Mathews that he probably should not have shown up for. Travis Webber, who is the director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council, seemed quite incapable in this interview, constantly dancing around and attempting to avoid a valid question by MSNBC host Chris Mathews on which bathroom he would suggest for trans activist Jennifer Finney Boyland.

The conversation got started when Boyland pointed out that the conservative push on bathrooms was simply an attempt to make up for lost ground after they lost the same-sex marriage battle. Boyland said:

“I don’t think this is about bathrooms at all. I think it’s about equal rights. Transgender people don’t want special rights. We want equal protection under the law, and mostly what we want is to be left alone. And if we can’t be left alone, we’d like to be treated with love. So you don’t want me in the men’s room. And you know how you create that perfect situation? Just stop. Stop coming up with these laws. Stop causing trouble where there is no trouble.”

“Maybe because now gay men and lesbians can get married, and they’re no longer the whipping boys and whipping girls in this country, now maybe they’re trying to rile up people against transgender people. And it’s not right, and it’s not fair.”

That’s when host Chris Mathews jumped in, putting Webber on the spot, asking him, “Travis, tell Jenny what bathroom she should use.”

That’s when Webber stumbled and paused, at one point saying, “Yeah, I mean I’m not sure, um —.”  Mathews then said, “Well just answer that question.”

Travis continued to avoid the question with a response that had nothing to do with the question, prompting Mathews to include, “See, no, you can’t answer the question, can you?”

Webber’s inability to respond to a valid question is indicative of the way conservatives have handled this issue and many others. One thread to notice about these so-called conservative GOP folks is their constant attempt to divide and deny people their rights. Whether it’s supporting discrimination for same-sex couples, banning Muslims, building walls, denying rights to transgender Americans, or supporting an apartheid state like Israel which denies Palestinians human rights, the conclusion about conservatives must be that they are crazy.

Watch the video here:

Featured image via video screen capture