Here’s Why Conservatives Are Silent About 2016 Cop Killer Data

Police in this country had a great run. Let’s face it — if you remember the 1970s, 1980s — anytime before 600 million cameras went online nationwide, a policeman’s word was gold. Now, with an increasing number of people filming nonstop and the introduction of mandatory body cams for more conscientious departments, police can’t simply corroborate with each other, sign a report and move on with their day. They’re beginning to be held accountable for their actions. Ironically it all began with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which wasn’t recorded. Multiple witnesses said they saw Brown shot while he was standing a safe distance away and unarmed. A grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson for Brown’s death.

Thus sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as more and more it became evident that the narrative, pretty much nationwide, plays out differently for black men than for anyone else in society. They are killed more often. Murdered in cold blood in many cases, black men are routinely beaten after they submit if they aren’t shot for looking scary and black first. Conservatives fired back with #BlueLivesMatter and started talking about all of the cops killed by black people…ever.

And so here we are. Politics has managed to take yet another issue all Americans should be behind and turned into a political circus. Conservatives, who are the political ideology that inspires standoffs with federal agents and wildlife refuge occupations, suddenly believe that if you don’t conform with the law and do whatever a police officer tells you, you should be executed on the street. Why? Because the issue is black people. Make it about white people and all of a sudden they’re holed up in their bunker with 24,000 rounds of ammunition and a pallet of canned peaches.

Conservatives¬†have been awfully quiet this year about cop killings, however, even though they are up substantially. At this time last year there were ten police officers killed in the line of duty, this year there have been 17. Certainly¬†we should hearing about the “thugs” who murdered these public servants? No? 71 percent of the cops killed this year were killed by white men. Not scary black guys wearing bandanas, shooting at them with Uzis from the blacked out windows of an Escalade on 24-inch rims. White guys. Nutjobs, psychopaths, career criminals; come to find out white men are pretty darned dangerous — and they don’t need Uzis.

So where’s the news coverage of the major increase in cop killings? Where’s the outrage? Where is #BlueLivesMatter? Do blue lives only matter when they’re killed by black men or do they matter all the time? The double standard is so easy to see it’s ridiculous. #BlackLivesMatter isn’t about cops or all lives. It’s not about being an equal part of something when you’re not treated as equal. Black men are routinely treated as dangerous, often at the end of a young, hair-trigger finger.

Featured image by WP/Getty Images