Desperate Republicans Are Begging Documented Liars From Fake News Network To Testify On Benghazi

Congressional Republicans are so pathetically desperate to harm Hillary Clinton that they are now turning to Fox News in order to secure more “witnesses” to testify at yet another Congressional investigation into the Benghazi attacks.

On the May 11th edition of Special Report, Fox host Adam Housley brought on “anonymous” sources that swore there were military assets that could have been used to save our diplomatic compound in Benghazi on the night it was attacked in 2012. There was absolutely zero evidence given by Fox during the broadcast, other than shadowy figures reading off a list of what Fox wanted them to say. This apparently was good enough for Republicans.

On the May 12th edition of Special Reporthost Doug McKelway reported that Trey Gowdy – who is the failed ringleader of months and millions of dollars worth of Benghazi busts – actually contacted Fox News and urged these witnesses who spoke to Fox News to talk to his committee.

Gowdy did this despite the fact that Housley, the one who miraculously found these fake witnesses, has a documented history of using admitted liars and fraudsters as “expert witnesses” about the events that happened that night in Libya.

One of Housley’s worst actors was Dylan Davies, who played a central role in Housley’s journalistic fraud. Davies claimed he personally scaled the wall at Benghazi that night, and engaged in one-on-one combat with terrorists. Later he admitted that he completely lied about the entire thing. Housley has also used unnamed sources (liars) to push similar fake stories about Benghazi in the past, all of which were debunked by literally every relevant governmental agency, as well as every previous Republican-led Benghazi hearing.

You can understand, in a way, Fox’s desire to talk about anything other than Donald Trump and the impending self destruction of the Republican Party. Congressional Republicans, though, have no excuse.

Think about it like this. The exact same Republicans on the exact same committee are using the exact same “witnesses” that their own investigations proved to be liars, as witnesses in another Benghazi investigation. What the hell do you even say to this? Illogical? Insane? Both?

Featured image via YouTube screen capture