WATCH: Donald Trump Is An Imbecile Who Doesn’t Understand How Executive Orders Work (VIDEO)

The more a Trump run for the White House as a major party candidate sinks in, the more his blatant incompetence stands out. In this recent interview with Greta Van Susteren, Trump is discussing possibilities for the vice presidency, which Trump has announced will be unveiled at the GOP convention. The convention, already guaranteed to be the circus the sideshows have been building up to, will definitely have the highest viewer ratings of all time. Trump then hints that his VP pick will most likely be a person with a political background because he believes passing legislation is more important than using executive orders to get things done.

Then it happened. The thing that will bring Donald Trump to his knees. He pretended to know what he was talking about and said something incredibly stupid. As the race goes on, more people with a little bit of knowledge about something are going to hear something like this and realize immediately that it’s amazing that Donald Trump ever graduated high school. He’s a showman who built a movement of stupidity on social media and reality television. His remarks to Van Susteren about executive orders prove that he is completely incompetent to hold the office that issues them:

“We’re not gonna do the executive order thing like Obama. He couldn’t get anything passed…”

“You’re not gonna do executive orders?” asked Van Stern, “No executive orders?”

“Well, we’ll see,” says Trump, ” It depends on what, but…President Obama has been signing a lot of executive orders…nobody’s ever heard of an executive order before. I mean, I know Bush signed them and other people have signed them, but all of a sudden it’s like this major event to get things done. It would be nice to go back to the old-fashioned way  — it’s called passing legislation; having people get together to pass legislation.”

You can just hear Joe Pesci doing a scene from Goodfellas. “Hey, yo…What the hell is dis ‘zecutive order bullsh*t. At ain’t The way we do things in Hell’s Kitchen.” It’s ridiculous. President Obama and a team of lawyers combed the laws and precedents of our country, being fully qualified and empowered to do so, and imposed directives to the agencies under the purview of the executive branch, like the INS, as any chief executive of any company would do to those under him. When the president signs an executive order it doesn’t become a law, it becomes the current policy of the federal government in its own dealings.

That certainly can have a profound effect on shaping federal law, as it sends a profound statement, but as for the bulk of executive orders, they cover the mundane to the ridiculous and have been signed by every single United States President. President Obama has signed fewer than either of the Bush buffoons or Uncle Ronny Reagan. Donald Trump doesn’t even need to be prompted to Palin himself. He just does it by complete instinct at this point.