Donald Trump Hints At Making The Crypt Keeper His Vice President

Six years ago a little-known governor from Arizona skyrocketed to fame in the Republican Party by attacking immigrants and now Donald Trump is hinting that she may be his vice presidential pick — it’d be a match made in Hell.

Former Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070, the “Show Me Your Papers” bill, into law in the state and the GOP base fawned all over her. When she signed the xenophobic bill into law she said that she was doing it because she had to keep her state safe:

“We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels. We cannot stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings, and violence compromise our quality of life. We cannot delay while the destruction happening south of our border — our international border creeps its way north. We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act, but decades of federal inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation.”

Just like Trump, she lied and demonized the immigrant community in order to appease her hateful supporters. Just like Trump, she used some of the most vulnerable people in the country as a political stepping stone. So, with that in mind, it isn’t very surprising that Trump hinted at Brewer being his running mate during an interview with Fox’s Greta van Susteren. The On the Record host the Republican presidential candidate if any women were on his list and he said,”yes”:

“Jan Brewer has been fantastic. She has been so fantastic. You know I won so big, her territory, we won so big. And she is a fabulous woman.”

Fabulous? Fantastic? Not even.

Jan Brewer is a vile human being and there is nothing “fabulous” about her. The only thing that she has going for her is that she was the governor of a red state and she is as big a fear-monger as Trump. I almost hope the billionaire loudmouth does pick Governor Crypt Keeper as his running mate, his chances of winning the election will plummet even further.

Featured image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images