Bernie Sanders Sends A Loud And Clear Message On Why Trump Will NOT Be President (VIDEO)

Over the last few months, Donald Trump has been able to garner enough votes to make him the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency. Unfortunately, his message has been based on divisiveness, consistently attacking minorities as the cause of the country’s woes. Not since the America when it was perfectly fine to discriminate against women has there been a candidate whose views on women have been so repulsive. Not since Jim Crow America, when it was perfectly fine to use the language of racism, has there been a candidate who has openly called for the oppression of minorities, specifically Muslims and Mexicans. It’s taken a long time and America continues to be a work in progress, but there has been improvement and Americans continue to work hard to move the country in the right direction.

Trump’s America is not the America that we’ve all worked so hard to better. His election would lead us to a regression rather than a progression for a better society. Thus, our values are inconsistent with that of this demagogue.

Bernie Sanders reminds us of this fact in this touching video that lets Trump as well as the world know that the American people are a great people and it’s our diversity that makes us so great. When we are inclusive as a nation, when we help each other rather than divide each other, we are great. Bernie’s message is the message of hope and love and in the end, it will overpower the demagoguery and racism of Donald Trump.

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Featured image via video screenshot.