GOP Anti-Trumpers Have A Hail Mary Idea To Stop Trump That Just Might Work

As Donald Trump makes the downhill run to Cleveland this July, those loyal to the Republican party who see it as a viable political entity for the next century rather than the cesspool of racism, hypocrisy and hate run by the wealthy that it is are trying desperately to save their beloved sham. America is divided. Politically we are either in favor of progress and societal evolution or we’re with the rich guys who couldn’t care less, but all life matters and poor people are stealing your paycheck.

It really is that simple. You don’t hear about plans to save and revive the Democratic party; our numbers grow as people learn to read and use Google. How many times can a person with any intelligence land back on a “pants on fire” designation for yet another conservative “news” crock of sh*t before they figure out the GOP is a scam?? Anyway, those people who are tried and true Republicans who know that Donald Trump is about to be the laughing-stock of the nation when actual debate issues come up and the Republican party will pay dearly.

As he alienates more and more groups of people, trying desperately to get elected exclusively by angry white males, the establishment Republicans charged with seeing their party into the future can’t endorse it. Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse are kicking around the idea of a third-party run, not by them of course, but the inevitable result of splitting the conservative vote is a Clinton win. It looks like the inevitable result of a straight Trump versus Clinton matchup ends with a Clinton win as well, so those still interested in seeing anyone but Donald Trump represent the Republican party in November are beginning to think of longshot last plays. The #NeverTrump movement has come up with one, and if properly put into place, it could change electoral history.

In order for someone to win the White House, they must receive 270 electoral votes. Democrats have a distinct lead in electoral votes before polling begins, so the GOP always faces an uphill battle to begin with. If you want to see a third-party candidate in the White House you don’t have to run one in the election, you just have to make sure neither of the candidates from the major party gets to 270. What happens then? According to the Constitution, the House of Representatives will then appoint Paul Ryan or Mittens or Jeb Bush or whoever else they feel works best for their political agenda, by a simple majority vote.

So how do you keep the candidates from getting enough electoral votes? The idea from #NeverTrump is simple enough in theory: Run an influential person in each state and only in that state. Take enough electoral votes that way and nobody gets to 270. Think about it…What if enough people in Florida decided that they would vote for Jeb Bush because neither of the major party candidates appealed to them. They know Jeb; they trust him. If he’s on the ticket there’s a darned good reason. In 2000 that by itself would have sent the presidential election to a vote, not restricted to the candidates on the ballot, in the congressional lower chamber. If that happens this year, Speaker Ryan will get to appoint his first president.

The #NeverTrump movement is more than likely futile because in the end the Republicans are gonna batten down the hatches and ride the Trump wave all the way to historical comedy.

Featured image by Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images