AZ Man Tries To Be A ‘Hero’ By Shooting At Shoplifters (VIDEO)

An Arizona gun nut has been charged with  multiple crimes after he decided to shoot at two men who shoplifted some stuff from a Chandler, Arizona Walgreens location in March.

According to John Haag, 25, he was at Walgreens when he saw two men running from the store. Haag asked the store employees if they’d been robbed and they told him yes, so he decided to take the law into his own hands. Instead of calling the police like an intelligent human being, Haag got into his car and chased the suspected robbers. ABC15 news obtained a video that shows Haag pulling up to the U-Haul the men were driving and firing his gun at the vehicle. After shooting at the suspects, he drove away.

According to officials, the people who Haag shot at weren’t robbery suspects at all. Instead all they had done was shoplifted from the store. Police said that “this crime would not justify the level of force” used by a man who said he wanted to “be a hero.”

Cops were able to find the idiot after he posted “just witnessed a robbery at Walgreens again, this time, I had my gun…true story” on Facebook.

Speaking to ABC15, Haag said:

“I feel I had good intentions. I meant the best. I meant to disable the vehicle.”

First of all, he completely missed the vehicle that he was firing at — clearly he should not be shooting a weapon when his aim is that bad. Secondly, he discharged the firearm in the middle of traffic and that bullet could have ricocheted and killed someone. Haag went on to say that he thinks more people should try to be heroes:

“Most people are scared. Tons of people nowadays are in fear of what will happen to them and that’s not cool. That’s why we have more crime.”

He’s right, I do fear what will happen to me, my family and my friends, but not because of shoplifters. I am way more concerned that I or someone I love is going to be killed by a dumbass like him who thinks it’s okay to fire a gun in traffic. I worry that my son is going to be Second Amendmented to death by gun nuts. I worry about things like that because it is obvious that we have millions of gun owners in this country and many of them do not have the common sense given to a squirrel.

Haag has been charged with aggravated assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm and drive-by shooting. Hopefully a judge rules that he can never own a gun again.


Featured image via video screenshot