Watch Rachel Maddow Troll Trump With A List Of Things That Poll Higher Than Him (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow always brings us the most entertaining bits of political news, and we love her for it. Her latest segment is no disappointment in that regard.

Rachel had an exclusive report on the latest PPP poll, which listed a comprehensive group of unrelated items. All of these had one common theme among them; Which do you have a higher opinion of? _____ or Donald Trump?

You can probably tell where this is going already, but the list of things that beat him are funny as hell.

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Lice, traffic jams, used car salesmen, hipsters, the DMV, jury duty, NICKELBACKand root canals… When you’ve lost to Nickelback, where do you really go from there?

Watch Rachel’s full segment below:

Despite all the negative reviews, which Trump deserves (to say the least), there is one thing that’s a bit troubling. Republican voters don’t seem to care.

Another part of the poll asked registered voters if they were uncomfortable with the three remaining candidates as the nominee of their party. Here’s where it gets weird. With all of the things people had a higher opinion of than Donald Trump, Republican voters are only 21 percent uncomfortable with him as the nominee.


In context — Hillary Clinton, who has in no way said the stupid, asinine, offensive, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, or otherwise bad things that Donald has is viewed as favorably to Democratic voters as Trump is to Republican ones. That isn’t saying Hillary is very unfavorable either. A 21 percent margin is very respectable for any nominee of any party, especially this early in the primary process.

The popular theory that there is a huge fracture happening within the Republican party simply is not true. Yes, the Republican maintsream was afraid of an outsider like Trump usurping their party, while exposing it for the cesspool it really is. However, they will still be able to rely on their voter base, as the poll shows. Anecdotal accounts of a few Republicans changing parties are not matching with the national numbers, and now that the rest of the party establishment has reached the 5th stage of grief — acceptance — it is business as usual heading into November.

In the end, with the survey being among registered voters as a whole, Trump probably still stands no chance of attracting swing voters – who, all things considered, are generally pragmatic and not seduced by racism. However, it’s still worth remembering that the Republican party really is unifying behind the court jester and a progressive victory can’t be taken for granted.

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