Trevor Noah And The Daily Show Correspondents Collapse With The Giggles Over This GOP Nightmare (VIDEO)

The Republican Party is busy with a pitted civil war between those who are willing to jump on Trump’s crazy train, and those who realize the party has to be saved from the ultra-conservative extremism which handed a trust fund tycoon the party leadership. But as the Daily Show attempted to report events this week, things were so crazy, the team couldn’t keep a straight face.

Noah begins by outlining the GOP dilemma.

“Now the voting is over, and Republicans have chosen a mutant from a carrot juicing accident.”

As the party wakes up to that devastating reality, the GOP is splitting along the Trump fault line. Noah describes their plight with typical relish:

“You’ve got the people who support Trump. You’ve got the people who aren’t ready to support Trump. And the most interesting people are a group who spent the whole race throwing sh*t at Trump. And now, they’re picking it back up, spreading it on a sandwich, and taking a big bite.”

The host then shows clips of come-lately Trump supporters railing against the candidate in the most personal and vivid terms earlier in the race. Bobby Jindal calls Trump  “weak” and a “narcissist,” and claims he would not back him in the event of his becoming nominee. But the real gold comes from Rick Perry, who refers to Trump as a “cancer” on the party and America, then chooses to back him. But even more insane, is that Perry now even wishes to become Trump’s running mate! This left Noah almost tearful with laughter:

“So wait” he says. “You want to be running mates with cancer? That’s what you’re saying?”

“I mean, I guess it has a pretty sturgeon history of winning….but still!”

Noah goes on to compare the GOP split like that of commuters waiting for a subway train. The doors open, and there’s some crazy guy screaming. For some they think, well, it’s my train, I’m just going to have to “get on board the crazy train.” While others simply refuse, and to hell with the consequences.

But when Noah reaches out to his correspondents for their take on the situation, no one can keep a straight face. Jordan Klepper collapses laughing, saying:

“They were all such assholes for so long and they completely did this to themselves!”

Noah turns to Hasan Minhaj in hopes of getting more sensible commentary, but he also falls apart when comparing the GOP to “a dog that chewed its own balls off.”

You can enjoy the full section below:


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