Hillary’s Latest Challenge To Progressives Is One That Needs To Be Taken Very Seriously (VIDEO)

Appearing on Face the Nation this past Sunday, Hillary Clinton was posed a question by host John Dickerson surrounding voters and how many want what they want, even when it comes to their candidate of choice. Dickerson insinuated that Hillary may be trying to get Bernie Sanders out of the race. However, when it comes down to who is going to win the nomination, many voters are undoubtedly going to be disappointed, because their candidate was not the one chosen. Yet, those voters will still have a voice, a voice that needs to be heard, and a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

Hillary’s response was honest, clear, to the point, and one that needs to be heard by every progressive everywhere who doesn’t want to see the nation fall into the hands of Donald Trump. She said:

“I’m three million votes ahead of Senator Sanders, nearly 300 pledged delegates ahead of him. He has to make his own mind up.

But I was very heartened to hear him say last week that he is going to work seven days a week to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t become president. And I want to unify the party. I see a great role and opportunity for him and his supporters to be part of that unified party, to move into not just November to win the election against Donald Trump, but to then govern based on the progressive goals that he and I share.

We both want to raise the minimum wage. We both understand you have got to rein in bad actors on Wall Street and in corporate America to make sure they don’t wreck Main Street. We have a lot of the same goals. And I hope we can unify around them.”

And she’s absolutely correct. While the means to achieve some of the goals are different, the goals, nonetheless, are pretty much the same. While Bernie wants to overhaul health care and education in one fell swoop, Hillary wants the same things, but done over time. It’s all about unifying behind the message and making sure we get there somehow, because if Donald Trump is to become president, or we can’t manage to turn Congress blue again, honestly, it won’t really matter who is president. Everything that needs to get done would be virtually impossible (see also: President Barack Obama with Republican Congress).

No matter who the Democratic candidate for president is, it’s time to unite behind them with the common goal of progress for the greater good, not just the few on top. Let’s do this, progressives.

Watch the whole segment from Face the Nation here:

Featured Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images