Here’s The Democratic Plan To Destroy Trump, And It’s Starting Soon (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has left a slime trail across multiple decades as a public figure, reality TV star, serial misogynist and now presidential candidate. During the Republican primaries, many wondered why his fellow candidate pulled their punches, often until it was too late and he had already secured the nomination.

By contrast, Democrats don’t seem as if they plan to let Trump get away with the same sort of shenanigans he did within the GOP. Hillary Clinton has already begun promoting web videos taking on Trump and his racist, sexist, misogynist comments. But the real advertising power is expected to come from the super PACs, who are able to accept an unlimited amount of money (thanks to the Citizens United decision).

Priorities USA, who supported President Obama’s re-election and produced ads attacking Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, will be up on the air in June with ads hitting Trump.

“Our job is to be as prepared as we can to take him on in any particular instance and that’s why not only will we be up on June 8, as previously reported, but we’re actually going to go on the air earlier,” Guy Cecil, the head of Priorities USA, told Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on Bloomberg Television’s “With All Due Respect.”

Of the $91 million of air time the super-PAC has already reserved, Cecil estimates that roughly one quarter to one third of ads will be positive, with the rest painting Trump in a negative light.

Cecil also estimated that about $40 million will be dedicated to online outreach targeting blacks, Latinos, the Democratic base and millennials.

Cecil told Bloomberg that Priorities will be attacking Trump will highlight his smears of women, veterans, as well as his shady business dealings. The group will also be able to look at what worked and didn’t work for Republican ads that went after Trump in the primaries for an idea of how best to attack him.

Featured image via YouTube