Cruz Campaign Blames Rubio For Loss: A Cruz/Rubio Ticket Would’ve Been ‘A Blowout’ (VIDEO)

Now that the side-show is essentially over and the Republicans have committed their party and resources to a delusional lunatic, those left ion the rubble of hurricane Trump are desperately seeking answers. Those answers came from the Cruz Campaign, who informed us that Carly Fiorina wasn’t Ted’s first choice for VP. They say that had Marco Rubio warmed up and showed any interest…at all…in working with Uncle Ted that a Cruz/Rubio ticket would have changed the course of history.

They felt that strongly because in the course of doing their job, they polled in five upcoming states and found that if Rubio were on the ticket there would be a “blowout,” according to a source inside the Cruz campaign. The states polled included Illinois, Arizona and Wisconsin. The numbers were as high as 65 percent to 35 percent over Trump and if true, that means that Ted Cruz owes his demise to himself because that puts Rubio on a growing list of people who just refuse to work with Ted Cruz:

That’s fairly consistent with the general consensus about Ted Cruz. There came a turning point in Ted’s career; a “come to Jesus” if you will. After he failed to get his way about defunding Planned Parenthood over a series of cleverly edited videos, Cruz went on an infamous rant on the senate floor that cost him whatever small amount of political capital he had left in Washington. He called every member of the Republican leadership out for betraying God and the party. He claimed that Republicans no longer cared about what mattered and he called them out by name. It’s just not something you do, especially if you’re a United States Senator and you need to work with these people to do your job effectively.

Cruz now has to head back to Washington to sit in his chair alone in the corner of the congressional lunchroom. With little left but shattered dreams and still enough ego to blame someone else for it, Cruz has a long way to go until his next election in 2018. Rubio, on the other hand, has already decided not to run, so he gets to sit in the private sector wondering if he would have been happier with an office in the West Wing a little more rectangular than the one he was hoping for.

Featured image via screen capture