WATCH: Sarah Palin Was Just Asked If She’ll Be Trump’s VP And Her Response Will Scare You

Just when we thought that Sarah Palin was out of our lives, she seems to have found a way to creep back in. The self-described conservative and the vice presidential running mate of Republican senator John McCain in 2008 was asked whether she would be presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s running mate. Palin said that she would be ready to serve but she worried about being a “burden” to the presumptive nominee. Palin said:

“I think I’m pretty much as vetted as anybody in the country could be vetted. I think there are so many other great people out there in American that could serve in this position.I think if somebody wanted to choose me, they already know who I am, what I stand for. They wouldn’t be in for any surprises.

Palin did acknowledge that she came with lots of baggage. She said:

“I want to help and not hurt, and I am such a realist that I realize there are a whole lot of people out there who say, ‘Anybody but Palin.’ I wouldn’t want to be a burden on the ticket and I recognize that in many, many eyes, I would be that burden. So, you know, I just want the guy to win. I want America to win.”

“Burden” is an understatement. A Trump/Palin ticket already sounds like a clown show but the thought of a Trump/Palin presidency is a terrifying prospect for America. As President Obama has warned, the presidency is not reality television or entertainment. It’s the most powerful position in the world where important decisions must be made. Trump and Palin do not qualify to hold these positions.

Watch video here:


Featured image via video screenshot.