Starbucks And Barnes & Noble Joining Target In Saying FU To Haters

While there has never been a confirmed instance of transgender people as child predators, this year’s Republican pearl clutching is directed toward transgender people and their rights to use bathrooms. States are even passing laws trying to ensure that somehow, people’s bathroom habits match up to their birth certificates.

Yes, it’s absurd, and some retailers are telling their customers exactly that by opening their bathrooms to any shopper, regardless of genitalia. Target was the first major retailer to do that and now, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are joining them.

Starbucks, Hudson’s Bay Co.—parent company to Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue—and Barnes & Noble have all come out in support of trans people’s rights to use the bathrooms that best align with their gender identities.

“HBC respects and affirms each person’s right to self-identify and access facilities that reflect their gender identity,” said spokeswoman Tiffany Bourré.

Starbucks spokeswoman Jaime Riley stated that the company is “looking into additional opportunities to have more gender-neutral signage in our restrooms where jurisdictions allow it.”

“As a company, Barnes & Noble treats all employees and customers with dignity and respect,” spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said. “For our transgender employees and customers, that means that they are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.”

Source: NewNowNext

Of course, whiny conservatives are, well, whining.

For most Starbucks shops, this is little more than thumbing their noses at right-wing nut jobs. Most Starbucks bathrooms are single stall, so privacy is kind of a given.

If you recall, it was just a few months ago when Starbucks was being boycotted by presumably some of the same people – people who objected to the fact that their Christmas cup didn’t have Jesusy images like snowmen and Christmas trees. It was just blank.

Here’s the video:

And still, Republicans don’t get it. They don’t get the point of our government. Young Conservatives, for example, said this, which sums up much of the argument against gender neutral bathrooms.

It is very strange how many large companies are willing to completely ignore the safety of their customers just to pander to less than 1% of the population.

Ironically, this is the argument used every time liberals suggest equality for everyone. It’s true that transgender people are a tiny minority, but that’s why they need legal protections. We have never been a true democracy. We don’t bow to the tyranny of the majority. When African-Americans were legally integrated into society, the majority of citizens were white and the mouth breathers objected to their little girls being in a stall next to a little African-American girl. Obviously, integrated bathrooms didn’t cause problems then and they cause no problems now. They are just the latest desperate grab at an ugly past when the only people who counted were white, male, cigenders and Protestant.

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