Bill Maher Shows America Why Donald Trump Must NOT Be President (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is not shy about what he thinks of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Maher unleashed a 6 minute destruction of the billionaire demagogue, at one point calling him a pu**y and a whiny little bit*h, saying that Trump fit  American stereotypes about 1950’s housewives. Maher said:

“Never forget, Lady Trump, that Hillary Clinton was born a woman. But you chose to live your life as a whiny little b*tch. Which is why, if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, I’ll be voting for the only one who has balls.”

Maher continued:

“And like a “daffy” housewife of the ’50s, Trump can’t balance a checkbook.”

In a skit where Maher appeared to voice bewilderment and frustration that someone like Donald Trump actually has a shot at the presidency, Maher pointed to his personal experiences with the GOP demagogue, including the time Trump sued him for “challenging” him to prove he was not the son of an orangutan in response to Trump’s “birther” rhetoric about President Barack Obama.

Maher also criticized Trump’s business dealings, pointing to his failures:

“Trump Airlines, Trump Casinos, Trump University, Trump Steaks. He’s got the Midas touch — if every time Midas touched something it exploded.”

Maher is able to sum up the absurdity that is Donald Trump. It’s important that we do all we can to make sure he doesn’t become president by going out and voting this November.

Watch video here:


Featured image via video screenshot.